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Who we are

We are community members like you who have recognized that homelessness is a community issue. Join us in our efforts to support our neighbors in need.

We're better together. 

By working collaboratively, we can accomplish far more than we could ever do on our own.

Join us.

Who is doing this work?

This is an all-volunteer donation-driven event. And so the people doing this work is our community as a whole. We do have a core team of volunteers who meet monthly to plan the event and coordinate the finer details.


2022 Planning Committee

  • Kathy Hecht

  • Monica Silverthorn

  • Crystal Howard

  • Heather Figueroa

  • Candy Kirkendall

  • Ginger Bishop

  • Terry St. Peter

  • Cindy McFerren

  • Sarah Phillips

  • Lindsey McKenzie

  • Judge George McCarthy

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